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Just Added - 4X4 Truck Clip Art!

Now Available: 4x4 Truck Clip Art We may be called '' but we love all things with wheels, including huge lifted 4x4 trucks like these. Check out these sky-high 4x4 trucks: A 2012 Dodge Ram and a 2012 Chevy Silverado.

With each of these vector clip art downloads you'll get two separate files - one for a 3 color version, and one for a 4 color spot version where you can change the color of the truck to suit your design.

And as usual, each download is ONLY $30! A fraction of the cost of a full custom design.

Make your truck show t-shirt stand out with these two beasts! More trucks to come, so stay tuned, or make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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