Chevy C-10 Squarebody Truck


Feeling Square? Well this Chevy C-10 Squarebody is perfect! Sitting in the weeds, this Chevy Squarebody Vector Art is perfect for your upcoming car show t-shirt or event flyer. The file is set up in various formats - 3 color with the panel, 4 color with the panel, and 4 color without. Detail white is included in the vector spot colors as well!

File types included are: 

  • Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Illustrator 10 .EPS - Compatible with Corel

  • High Res PNG Files w/ transparent background

  • PDF files that can be opened in Corel or Illustrator

As usual, if you're unfamiliar with design programs, I am more than happy to modify the color of the vehicle for you at no extra charge. Just email me at! 

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