1968 Camaro SS Vector Clip Art


Thanks to recent shows like Overhaulin’ and the rebirth of the Camaro, the muscle car revival is in full effect. Here’s a fine example of vector clip art of a 1968 Chevy Camaro SS. This 1968 Camaro SS vector clip art is set up so the body of the car is a separate spot color, so you can change it to orange, black, or whatever you’d prefer! Remove the stripes, badges, and trim, tuck the wheels and tires up in the fender wells, and it makes a fine example of a resto-mod.

As far as Camaros are concerned, I’m more of a fan of the vintage Trans-Am Racing era. Those cars’ stance, wheel and tire combos, and rip-roaring drivetrains take me to my happy place.

This 1968 Camaro SS clip art is set up as a 4 color print on white shirts.

(Watermark will not be on the final artwork)


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